The fifth season of Mad Men is finally right around the corner (assuming it will air in early 2012), and the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, has set the publicity wheels in motion by talking about how it's all gonna end once we hit season seven. Warning: given the extreme reaction we got in the office when we sent this link around (sorry everyone), you may consider what follows to be a SPOILER. In a recent interview, Weiner told Grantland:

"I do know how the whole show ends. It came to me in the middle of last season. I always felt like it would be the experience of human life. And human life has a destination. It doesn't mean Don's gonna die. What I'm looking for, and how I hope to end the show, is like... It's 2011. Don Draper would be 84 right now. I want to leave the show in a place where you have an idea of what it meant and how it's related to you."

And if you don't like that Weiner basically just spoiled the ending for you, keep it to yourself, he also says, "Don't write on the Internet what I'm allowed to fucking do." [via Atlantic Wire]