Last night Stephen Colbert welcomed Matthew McConaughey to The Late Show, where the two briefly revived Colbert's 1990s sketch comedy series, Exit 57 (which originally aired on Comedy Central).

The setting for the skit is the offices of the Quad Cities Times, where the longtime weather reporter (McConaughey's Merkin) and editor (Colbert's Wheeler) are sparring over headlines and word choices.

"You're such a sensationalist," Merkin declares. "I wrote 'hot and humid,' and you print 'HEATWAVE.' Whatever's gonna sell a few more papers, that's your gig."

"There's no difference," Wheeler replies, "so let's get off this 'my words are gold' kick. You're pushing it Merkin..."

"Am I pushing it, or am I shoving it? If there's no difference... then why the hell did you change it?!"

Amen, Merkin. Amen.