Take this guy back to the island.

Jack Shephard would frown upon this. LOST (and Party of Five) actor Matthew Fox was detained by cops in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night, TMZ reports. Fox allegedly drunkenly assaulted a woman outside of a bar there after being blocked from boarding a party bus she was driving.

Law enforcement sources told the site that "he wasn't a guest on the vehicle... a woman tried to block Fox from getting on the bus." At that point, Fox (allegedly!) "punched her in the breast and the vagina." Classy. But Jack always was kind of off when he wasn't on the island:

The driver told TMZ that Fox "leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast. I took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood. He stumbled backwards. This was my self-defense." The actor was detained by police, but was released without being formally arrested. It's possible that this is the biggest controversy Fox has caused since... being selected as Columbia's College Class Day speaker.