When Matilda the Algonquin Hotel cat updated her Facebook this week saying, "Getting my suitcases down and gathering up my toys—travel time is almost here," we worried that Mayor Bloomberg was booting her from the hotel, following some troubles with the Department of Health. Then Matilda added, "They think I don't know—but am being taken to the vet today for my travel check up—then to the passport office (ooops—am I telling you too much?)" When we tried to contact her via email, we got an out of office reply, saying, "Happy Holidays FURiends. Matilda." So, finally, we made the call.

This morning, we reached Matilda by phone (okay, we reached a very nice woman who told us she had Matilda on her lap, by phone), and asked where she was going and if the move was permanent. Good news: Matilda is only going away while the hotel undergoes renovations for four months starting in January, and she's not venturing too far. She'll be exploring a different borough, however: Queens (to stay with the hotel's chief cat officer, Alice de Almeida). Following that, she'll return, and following that she'll be strutting her stuff at her annual Cat Fashion Show in August.