While Prospect Park's lawns were spared the wrath of GoogaMooga this year, they will be subjected to the bare feet of 8,000 yoga fanatics. That's about how many are expected to attend the massive yoga festival being held there on September 13th. The one-day event is actually being called a "mindful triathlon." Clearly unconscious coupling leads to copywriting.

Is this a parody based on our deepest fears of what it would feel like to be surrounded by 8,000 people who say things like "my yoga mat is my temple"? Nope, it's very real. Very very real. Meditate on its certainty.

The Wanderlust 108 "will consist of a 5K run, a meditation and lecture session, and one giant 90-minute yoga class." According to Well + Good, "Starting today, 3,000 premium tickets will be available for purchase ($38 until June 6th, $78 after) for the debut Wanderlust 108. Once those sell out, 5,000 free tickets will be released on a lottery basis, but those will not include a spot in the 5K run (or a gift bag)."

Did we mention the "Beastie Yoga" session yet? So now you need to ask yourself if you even want to find out what a "yoga-music tribute" is. In any event, this portion is being led by MC Yogi. He is also real, and not part of what turns out not to be a Portlandia sketch.

There will also be a wellness market (candles and wind chimes, probably?), "retro yard games" (hey Brooklyn, we thought you were hiding), as well as food vendors (the Source Family, probably?), and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan. [via BK Mag]