A building in Brooklyn Heights is being sold, which is not insane, but the 20-unit rental building is being sold as a single-family home, which IS insane. No one tell Trump's son-in-law.

According to the WSJ, the building at Orange and Hicks Streets, previously owned by the Jehovah's Witnesses (who have been steadily selling off their properties in the neighborhood) is going for $22 million.

The building was originally sold in January for $13/5 million, and is now being marketed as a single-family home by the Benchmark Real Estate Group—"while some tenants are still in place, the roughly 14,500-square-foot building will be delivered vacant," the agent told the paper. Good thing there's no housing crisis in NYC!

Under Benchmark's lock and key, the building got a new design plan from Lee Stahl, who drew up "plans to convert the building into a single-family home with four bedrooms, a gym, an 800-bottle wine cellar and a roof terrace. A buyer would be free to use those plans... or not." If they chose to go with that plan, renovations are being tallied up to around $10.6 million. Being part of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, renovations to the building would need to be cleared by the LPC.

As Curbed notes, new tenants started renting in the 50 Orange Street building less than a year ago. We've reached out to Benchmark to see if the new buyer would be able to keep the building intact with rental units and will update if we hear back.