If you like your relics served up with an extra dose of creepy, have we got the exhibit for you! One-man traveling sideshow, Father Thomas Michelet, is bringing the bones of St. Mary Magdalene to the Big Apple. Oh the things her bones will see! Can't you just picture those two out on the town, snapping photos and seeing the sights? Hopefully there will be time for a Broadway show.

Upstate skeptic John Kuhner declares it very unlikely that the bones of a friend of The Jesus Christ will be in this traveling case. He says they likely won't "have much of anything to do with Mary of Magdala, but whosever they are, they’re probably from someone who never dreamed that her bones would end up on 65th Street and Lexington Avenue." The tibia (yes, it's just the tibia) will be at St. Vincent Ferrer on Monday.