2005_10_mko.jpgMary Kate, we hardly knew you! Okay, so we knew you liked to dress like Mrs. Roper if she lived in Berkeley with $150 million start the trend of bohemian chic and drink coffee and party around town and not move into your deluxe apartment. But when we went to People.com to see if there were any new pictures of Brad and Angelina, we read this troubling, if not entirely unsurprising, news. We know you have lots of responsibilities, not just working at Dualstar but finding a new boyfriend. We wish you well and hope that you and your friend Nicole Richie will finally eat something.

Gothamist is going to watch It Takes Two (there's Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg, and Philip Bosco!) to make the pain go away while the coffee-serving business population around Washington Square weeps.