It might seem like Martha Stewart is in with the youths. She loves Williamsburg, Snoop Dogg, and online dating, for instance; she too wants Gwyneth Paltrow to shut up; and she built a multimillion dollar empire by artfully canning jam. But alas, young, people, it turns out Stewart hates you just as much as she hates GOOP—she called millennials "lazy," both because they're living with their parents and also because they refuse to grow their own tomato plants. Philistines!

In an interview with something called Luxury Listings, Stewart expressed distaste with Gen Y's apparent lack of decorating prowess. "I think every business is trying to target millennials. But who are millennials? Now we are finding out that they are living with their parents," she said. "They don’t have the initiative to go out and find a little apartment and grow a tomato plant on the terrace."

Indeed, it's quite sad that some millennials are so lazy they've decided to save money by living with their parents instead of asking their stockbroker friends for insider trading tips. It's also quite sad that a woman hip enough to ride a hoverboard can't quite understand the economic death that has enveloped young Americans, even though she claims she totally gets that "[t]he economic circumstances out there are very grim."

It takes more than just hard work to save the Youngs from financial collapse. Stewart pointed out that she got an apartment after she got married at 19, but she also got divorced at 46, an often costly drain plenty of Americans are trying to avoid by marrying and/or co-habitating with partners later in life. Even employed millennials are making less money than the generations that preceded them, and the student loan debt is well over $1.3 trillion.

The average household debt in 1956, around when Stewart got married, was $88,553 when adjusted for inflation; the average Millennial only owes about $63,608, but they're doing much, much better debt-wise than the two generations that have preceded them, perhaps because they're delaying rent payments and saving instead of purchasing $45 DIY weavers.

Then again, millennials are currently walking into poles while capturing nostalgic anime characters characters on their cell phones, so we would probably be better off learning how to make jam.