Yesterday afternoon the Martha Stewart dropped by the Brooklyn Flea, causing a commotion and getting vendors worked up into a tizzy. It was a good thing! Martha says she loves Brooklyn, and it seems like the feeling might be mutual... except for some who sneered, calling her entourage "fucking ridiculous." Can we just file "Martha Stewart is at my designer flea market" as a Hall o' Fame White Whine?

The Brokelyn folks did a good job of stalking Martha (along with her niece and two pups) as she weaved her way through the tables — spotting them stopping by Asia Dogs, McClure's Pickles, Pizza Moto, People's Pops, Blue Marble Ice Cream, Salvatore Bklyn and many more. As she focused on the food vendors, it seems the antiquers were feeling a little left out — though she did stop to chat with Flea organizers Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby.

Allegedly she was there filming an episode for her show that will be totally dedicated to all things Brooklyn. It's believed the hour will also include stops at Marlow & Sons, Marlow & Daughters, a rooftop garden and more. Will she give other boroughs the same treatment?