As we mentioned yesterday, MTV is sending in their reality crew troops to Brooklyn Tech for a new series.

While it's unclear as to how many of the BTHS students actually reside in Brooklyn, with all those kids, who knows who MTV will be documenting "the early years" of. BTHS has some accomplished alum, including Leonard Riggio (Founder of Barnes & Noble), Richard Fariña (writer, folksinger, part of the Dylan crew), Richard LaMotta (Founder of the Chipwich ice cream sandwich company!), and Gothamist commenter "Jason", who tells us: "as an alum of BTHS, at this point I'd like to give in to my inferiority complex and tell all the stuy and bronx science kids to suck it."

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, noting that the borough is already home to "Brokeback Mountain" stars Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, stated, "From Heath and Michelle to U2 to the Nets ... everybody knows that Brooklyn is the bomb." Of course, he's referring to the U2 concert under the Brooklyn Bridge in 2004.

On their current scrolling news bar, Brooklyn Tech's site states that Brooklyn Tech SING 2007 is back on February 3rd and 10th, followed by "MTV Returns to Brooklyn Tech!". So we guess they're still filming, or starting filming soon. But city officials assure there will be no filming at Brooklyn Tech itself.