This past weekend, the Times looked at how Broadway theater ticket prices range wildly, from the top tier $75-85 range to $40 with discount, and then even $20 for rush tickets. While some shows , like Long Day's Journey Into Night offer seats in the $100 range, the granddaddy of setting premium pricing, The Producers, has been going discount. Stalwart discounter TKTS is being joined by theaters's own discounting programs like Hiptix at the Roundabout (discounts for Nine and Cabaret) and various special offers through Playbill and Telecharge. Theatrical producers says the new model is more similar to the airline model, trying to meet demand by changing prices.

Our Lady of 121st StreetOff-Broadway, there are $25 day-of rush tickets for Our Lady of 121st Street, which is playing at the Union Square Theater. Directed by hipster-schlub Philip Seymour Hoffman, Our Lady is about a group of friends that reconnects at the funeral of a nun; it closes this Sunday, June 27. Gothamist hears some readers are interested in going to Friday or Saturday performances, so use the comments for a little meetup style action. [Thanks, Ben]

Also, next month the 2003 Fringe Festival runs from August 8-24, and tickets are $15! Gothamist will be seeing Buddy Cianci, and not just because we want to maximize contact with all things Jonathan Van Gieson.