Achtung! Cuidado! by Mark MothersbaughActing on a hot tip from Mindy, Gothamist went to check out former Devo musician-turned-composer for film and TV Mark Mothersbaugh's newest venture at the Fuse Gallery/Lit Lounge on Second Avenue and East 5th Street. Mothersbaugh's pieces, "Homefront Invasion," can be seen in the Fuse Gallery, and quite a few are available for sale. In fact, Gothamist's friend was so taken with one piece (at right) that he decided to buy it. Gothamist wonders if we deserve a commission - we should consult with Choire.

Mothersbaugh's website, Mutato Muzika. He has scored Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. The L.A. Times recently had an article about musicians, including Mothersbaugh, who are now working with film and TV, because a gig is a gig.