2005_03_mariah.jpgThere's a hilarious item in Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher about Mariah Carey turning down the chance to perform on the Today show, opting instead to promote her upcoming album, The Emancipation of Mimi, on Good Morning America. Widdicombe writes, "The source laughs, 'They think the album will be so huge that the 3,000 people Rockefeller Plaza holds won't be enough. Times Square can hold 10,000.'" Gothamist is laughing also, unless Carey's record label is hiring 7,000 extras. At her wedding to Tommy Mottola, Gothamist's friend's younger sister was recruited by a friend's mother/Sony executive to be a flower girl for the wedding, so Mariah could have tons of little flower girls surrounding her, so you never know. Gothamist would pick the Today show over Good Morning, America, if only because the Today staff can more convincingly act like they like some pop artist's music; we're still not buying Diane Sawyer's act.

Go to Mariah Carey's official website; this is where her ramblings usually break first (like in 2001, with her pre-Glitter breakdown).