There may be March Madness in the air, but East Village Idiot has the cure for New Yorkers who can't get behind the NCAA: March Radness, which take 64 disparate NYC moments/ people/ objects/ stores/ trends/ nonsense and sees who will reign supreme.

Some key matchups are:

Bloomberg Region
- The U.E.S Crowd (seeded 7) vs. The B&T Crowd (10)
- Trans Fat (1) vs. Rats at Taco Bell (16)

Isiah Region
- The Knicks in a fist fight (2) vs. the Knicks in a Game (14)
- Citifield (5) vs. The Brooklyn Nets (12)

Markowitz Region
- McCarren Pool (5) vs. Newtown Creek (12)
- The New Coney Island (6) vs. The F Train (11)

Wintour Region
- Meatpacking District (1) vs. Uggs (16)
- Moving to Brooklyn (4) vs. Little dogs in pink bags

Why there's no Steinbrenner Region, we have no idea. But A-Rod's Tan might be able to fend off the Knicks City Dancers.

Voting is at East Village Idiot. You can see the bracket at Tournament Pilot and print one out yourself (PDF).

East Village Idiot's March Radness seedings; column at left is the Wintour Region, column second from left is Bloomberg, then Markowitz, and finally Isiah at far right.