Oh, of course. Marc Jacobs, who wore boxers and little else to the Costume Institute Gala at the Met, has gone and turned graffiti into profit. Remember how early Tuesday morning somebody painted "ART" on the inescapable designer's Mercer Street store? Of course you do. Well, today the store started selling a hot pink T-shirt with the graffiti silkscreened on it. For $689. And what's even more 2012? According to a saleswoman, they just sold one this afternoon.

The shirt, which reads "Art By Art Jacob$," just furthers speculation that Jacobs was in on the spray paint, which French graffiti artist Kidult has reportedly taken credit for. And if that is the case, then suddenly this whole thing makes us feel complicit and dirty for helping Jacobs & co. get away with it. Also, if we ever see someone wearing that shirt we worry we might deck them.