Listen up bookworms, if you haven't purchased a Kindle yet and are interested in picking up some real books, there's a walking tour just for you. Two years ago, The Millions compiled a map for an NYC Indie Bookstore jaunt, and they've just announced a new, improved, updated and expanded one. Organizers say, "It would be belaboring the obvious to say the last two years have been tough times for the bookmen and bookwomen. And yet, despite the vagaries of the business, independent bookstores continue to open, and to serve as hubs for communities real and imagined." Of course, many shops have closed down (or moved) as well. Even chains like the Astor Place Barnes & Noble have been forced to shutter over recent years.

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Above is the updated walking tour map, which doesn't appear to include the now suffering Vox Pop Lefty Cafe & Bookstore in Ditmas Park.