Just because July Fourth has come and gone doesn't mean people have forgotten how Macy's once again turned its back on much of New York City. Never forget. Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio and State Senator Daniel Squadron certainly haven't! His office is set to soon meet with Macy's officials to try and persuade them to finally bring the gorgeous 'works back to the East River. And they are bringing 2,500+ digital signatures from New Yorkers to help make the case. But where are all those New Yorkers from?

The Public Advocate's office went and mapped the signatures that he and State Senator Daniel Squadron have collected so far—and they aren't all from where you'd expect them to be from. Sure, 56 percent of the signatures are from Brooklyn, but 21 percent came from Manhattan (mostly the East Side, granted), which is the same amount as came from Queens. Meanwhile, just one percent of the signatures came from the Bronx and one percent came from Staten Island (looks like there were also a few outliers).

The really important thing, though? You can still sign the petition and help DeBlasio and Co. fight the good fight. Bring the fireworks back to the East River! Don't make Brooklyn and Queens continue to suffer views like these on Independence Day:

From Gowanus