While Missed Connections and Craigslist personals can be a little dismal, there is a light at the end of the single straphanger's tunnel—and that light is that at least you aren't finding romance in a Walmart, like much of the country.

Psychology Today's Dorothy Gambrell has distilled data from Craigslist postings to determine where singles—and, you know, the liberally attached—spot their soulmates and future sex partners. According to the map, New Yorkers generating posts on the site are most often fresh off a ride on the subway.

In other parts of America they're locking eyes in Walmart, casinos, Walmart, Walmart, Walmart, the gym, Walmart, in their car, McDonald's, and the state fair (aww). Confusingly, people in Indiana are hoping to connect with people they see... "at home."

The data was based on each state's 100 most recent Missed Connections posted on Craigslist at the time of data collection. And perhaps the most depressing insight is seeing where people hope to make connections throughout different ages: 20 year olds are posting of ice cream shop sightings; 30 year olds are hoping to find love at the bar; and 40-somethings have turned to the strip club and adult bookstore.