Inspired by this map of Chicago's ethnic divides, Eric Fisher grabbed Census data from 2000 to see where different ethnicity have settled in other cities. And though this map of New York shows nothing we didn't know or expect, it's still jarring to see just how segregated our city looks. We've still got a lot of "melting" to do in this pot, people!

Each dot stands for 25 people, and Red is for White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, and Orange is Hispanic. As you can see, there's a pretty strong White population all through Manhattan and on the west side of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Asians and Hispanics got lower Manhattan and most of Queens, and Black people have northern Manhattan and the eastern parts of Brooklyn. The four-ethnicity blanket still casts a big umbrella over dozens of cultures and mixes, but there probably weren't enough colors to make a map of that.