We're halfway through Spider-Man Week (check out this listing for the remaining events) and since it's fun to think that there really is a super hero in the city, let's see Peter Parker's places, via this map on the Spider-Man Week site. Now we know Oscorp is in the outer-boroughs and that Doc Ock's lab was in Clinton, but what about Peter's gig as a pizza delivery boy at Joe's?

Are you seeing Spider-Man this weekend? And even though the movie hasn't opened yet, Tobey Maguire's been talking about Spider-Man 4:

"'I would assume that they're going to make more Spider-Man movies," Maguire told Meredith Vieira and a screaming crowd of fans on TODAY. "I've had such a good time making them. For me, it all depends on if there's a great story for me, Peter Parker. If [director] Sam Raimi is there, I'd be definitely excited to consider that possibility.'

The 31-year-old actor had initially said he would not make Spider-Man 4, but now that the third installment is premiering, Maguire talked about how enjoyable his journey has been and wouldn't rule out coming back."

Also enjoyable: Big paychecks. Enjoyability rating unclear: Being offered a peek at a girl's unwashed underwear.