If you have a sick view of the East River from Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens, you're in luck, because the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks extravaganza will light up in front of you. Here are the details for this year's big display, which will have 50,000 pyrotechnic shells in 22 colors (including new ones like "neon highlighter yellow, green and pink").

There will be five barges set up in the East River—one south of the Brooklyn Bridge and then four by 23rd and 37th Streets in Midtown. Here are the details from Macy's

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks can be viewed from any area with an unobstructed view of the sky above Midtown Manhattan, Long Island City, Hunter’s Point, Greenpoint, the South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge Park, among other neighborhoods.

The four barges stationed between East 23rd Street and East 37th Street are best seen from:

Public viewing will be set up along elevated portions of the F.D.R. Drive. The lanes will be opened to the public at approximately 7 p.m. with access at Houston, 23rd, 34th, and 42nd Streets.

The show is best seen from Brooklyn and Queens from any point with unobstructed views of the sky above the East River.

The double-barge located below the Brooklyn Bridge is best seen from:

Any point in Manhattan with an unobstructed view of the lower East River sky, including the South Street Seaport district.

Spectators on the Manhattan side may gain access to East River viewing areas from the following locations: Broad Street (ground level), Old Slip (upper level), Pearl Street at Frankfort Street.

Any point in Brooklyn with an unobstructed view of the lower East River sky.

All Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn access blocks will close as viewing areas fill up. Spectators will be re-directed to open access blocks as appropriate. All access points are subject to change up until the day of the event by NYPD.
All spectators should note that lawn chairs, blankets, backpacks/containers or other large bags will not be permitted into the public viewing locations for security purposes. Spectators are subject to search by NYPD.

Battery Park
Battery Park City
Roosevelt Island
Hunter’s Point South Park

The fireworks are starting at 9:20 p.m., and should go for about 25 minutes. Here are some of the firework designs that will be in the show:

Highlights of the creative presentation of the 39th annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks include:

Blue Burst Fanfare / Original
The opening celebrations feature barrages of silver peonies, complete with a silver tail, bursting to fill the sky with platinum vibrancy.
The bright silver sky will next be filled with strobing golden cascades enhanced with crackling palm trees in gold and silver.
As the fanfare ends, Japanese-style silver diadem chrysanthemums with red and blue small bouquets will scatter in the sky a bright and sparkling introduction to the show.

National Anthem
As the national anthem begins, glittering amber and gold spindles with tips of red and blue slowly spread across the sky while red-tipped gold glitter comets emerge from below.
Barrages of red thundering reports meet at the anthem’s climax with red peonies and blue and red titanium report flowers. As the music builds, golden waves of red and blue chrysanthemums fill the sky from a thousand feet high down to the water’s edge.
To conclude the number, columns of red pearls climb to the mid-sky level, while gold strobing diadems with red strobing pistils and red strobing nishiki kamuro’s slowly and majestically cascade from above.

Liberty Bell March / John Phillip Sousa
Silver fishes and white fireflies dance to the peppy, patriotic beat of the music, filling the lower sky. Followed by silver strobe willows with red sparkling centers.
Up next are rumbling report shells crackling popcorn bursting high above.
Silver, red and blue peonies with red and blue hearts create an exciting end to the song.

My Country ‘tis of Thee / Cece Winans
Opening the number, clusters of purple, green, yellow and red falling leaves drop from high above the New York City skyline, while mixed-color falling leaves spring from lower levels.
The soul-stirring rendition continues with strobing mines and multi-colored pastel dahlias, while multi-color strobe shells burst and sparkle delicately across the sky.

George M. Cohan Medley
“Yankee-Doodle” is a peppy patriotic number enhanced with patriotic-colored fireworks with added whistles, screeching cicadas, jetting bees, silver tourbillions and reports, turbulence reports and whistles, revolving whistle dragons and flying dragons.
In part two of the medley, “Grand Old Flag,” fireworks become more structured with white spangled spider shaped shells with red tips. A fireworks-inspired flag is created using red and white rising tail comets to red and white strobing palm tree bursts, completed by red, white and blue stars bursting above.
To end the medley, white dahlias cap over red and blue stained glass in a kaleidoscope pattern and a white and blue layered finale fills the sky from every barge.

Armed Forces Medley
In honor of the brave men and women who proudly serve in the United States Armed Forces, a patriotic military salute is presented during this segment of the show. All five branches of the United States military are highlighted with their own fireworks scene.
Orange and green shells create a fast paced X-shaped bombette barrage to excite the audience at the song’s introduction.
Rings of reports in orange and green with serpents slither below as splitting crossette comets burst above.

Red and green crossettes scatter across the lower sky, dynamically filling the sky from side-to-side in a barrage of bursts.
Rolling circles with reports and sparkling centers join red peonies with green hearts and rosy grass colored bouquets.

Gold and blue hues are presented with crackling golden willow shells, crackling tail palm trees and blue peony bursts with palm tree strobing centers.

Coast Guard:
Red and blue crackling ghost shells will transform from one color to the other then return with crackling popcorn bursts. Intermittently, red octopus with a rising tail and red and blue sparkling crossettes dance across the sky.

Air Force:
Blue flying stars scatter in the lower sky, while blue rings with twinkling pistils and blue jellyfish with crackling tentacles burst above.
At the song’s conclusion, a vast barrage of glittering silver and blue chrysanthemums fill the sky while blue-tipped silver palms leap from the river.

America the Beautiful / Rodney Atkins
Tri-flares of glittering silver Spanish candles book-end the barges while layers of red and blue falling leaves fill in the scene. High above, red falling leaves joined with silver waterfalls cascade slowly towards the water.
As the song builds, the fireworks become bolder, yet remain gentle with nishiki-style kamuros in silver and gold enhanced with light blue flower bursts. The conclusion will be a silver mile, with silver kamuro shells shimmering slowly from the sky to the water’s edge.

In the Mood / Glenn Miller
This song is filled with action, includes swirling butterflies, bees, tourbillions and revolving dragons in a multi-colored and energetic display.
Crescent-shaped moon bursts with beating heart shaped pattern shells are used here, followed by the ever-popular happy faces smiling with blinking eyes.

America / Gloria Estefan with The United States Air Force Band and VH1 Save The Music’s Park Place Community Middle School
As the original piece begins, pink pixie dust-laced gold comets rise from the river while kamuro rays of gold with pink, fuchsia and chartreuse sparkles burst in the sky.
Gold with fuchsia and green columns are created in a lattice pattern, while margarita shells burst above in a brilliant lime green with magenta and gold glittering centers.
This song concludes with Macy’s famed Golden Mile, cascading golden embers with tips of titanium Niagara Falls shells sparkling to the water’s edge and covering a mile across the river.

God Bless America
The finale of the show features Macy’s classic rumble to remember as thousands of shells cover the sky. The patriotic classic features a white spangled arrangement of bursts, followed by thousands of bursts of color, thundering noise, strobing stars, all covered with layers of golden cascades from above.

For those of you watching at home, semi-passed out from your grilling, you can watch the entire extravaganza on NBC.