Two years ago, the NY Times used aggregated data provided by Facebook "to create an unprecedented look at the geography of baseball fandom." They came to the conclusion that the Yankees were the preferred team "everywhere in New York City, and nearly everywhere in the U.S. over the Mets." But maybe the New Yankees Times were in the pocket of Big Steinbrenner (or Big Eggplant Calzone?), because a new analysis of ticket sales has found almost the exact opposite conclusion: NYC is now a Mets town.

Vivid Seats, an online resale marketplace ala StubHub, did a study of where Mets and Yankees fans are in the city based on ticket sales by zip code (between 2013-2015). Among their conclusions: the Mets won four out of five boroughs (the one exception being the Bronx); Queens is, understandably, the most Mets-centric borough; Manhattan was the most divided (52/48, with northern Manhattan leaning toward the Yanks); and there's a group of avid Yankees fans in Flatbush in the middle of Brooklyn, otherwise surrounded on all sides by Mets fans.

You can see the full map of the city below, or go here to see breakdowns of each borough by zip code:

Of course, we should throw in a few Bartolo Colon-sized caveats here: this only takes into account people buying/selling tickets on a secondary market, so it doesn't count loyal/obsessive season ticket holders (of which the Yankees have quite a few), or people using other secondary markets like StubHub. Even so, it makes a lot of sense that the data would skewer toward the Mets over the last three years, as the team's incredible young pitchers have started to mature and a few big acquisitions (including La Potencia himself, Yoenis Cespedes) have powered them to the top of a very competitive National League (and into the World Series last year, never forget).

And at the same time that the Mets are competing for first place in a ridiculously tough division with championship ambitions, the Yankees have hit a fallow period in which they are struggling to stay above .500. The Mets even have all the good tabloid stories too: Colon's secret family and sexy home runs! Matt Harvey's bladder problems and pitching struggles! Noah Syndergaard transforming into the best pitcher (and best hitting pitcher) in the league! Magical rally parakeets! And both Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David!