Fans of HBO's wildly popular fantasy series Game Of Thrones are likely counting down the minutes until Sunday's season finale, especially after last week's edge-of-your-seat Blackwater battle episode. To that end, the folks at RentShare, which helps roommates manage their financial arrangements, have put together an interactive map showing what Westeros would look like if it were in New York City.

The map matches up geographically with the fantasy world as best it can, with the East River standing in for the Narrow Sea and the suburbs north of the Bronx representing the wildling territories north of The Wall. Anyone familiar with the detailed maps at the start of the novels and the fantastic animated opening sequence will recognize the layout and appreciate the clever incorporation into NYC's landscape.

Some of the comparisons are a bit of a stretch (we don't really know much about Norvos or Qohor but what the heck—hipsters!) but for the most part the mapmakers were spot-on with their selections. The Lannisters would definitely feel at home in Tribeca—"The Place to be if you think you're hot sh*t and have tons of money"—and the Warlocks of Qarth do kind of remind us of The Real Housewives Of Orange County! With all the shady back room dealings and the wealthy stomping on the poor we think King's Landing would be better suited to the Wall Street area but Times Square certainly works as a parallel to the general rowdiness of the King's city.

So what do you think? Would Robert Baratheon pound Four Lokos on the LES? Are the Bronx Bombers really the Night's Watch of New York City?