After over 70 years serving as both a source for top-notch instruments and a hang-out for musicians between gigs, Manny's Music on "Music Row" (West 48th Street) is said to be going out of business soon. Among other famous clients, Jimi Hendrix bought many of his guitars there, and Ringo Starr got the Ludwig drum set used in the Beatles’ “Ed Sullivan Show” appearances from Manny’s. The New Yorker recently spent a few hours palling around with Manny's cantankerous owner Henry Goldrich (son of Manny), and musicians John Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful), Tom Chapin, and Leslie West (the Vagrants). As if to illustrate the signature "thinly veiled hostility" of Manny's staff, Goldrich quickly instructed West, "Get out of my face. Seriously. You’re bothering me." And when West asked Henry if he ever played an instruments, he replied, "I played cash register." Though it's still not quite clear if the fat lady has indeed sung at Manny's, workers are busy scanning all the hundreds of publicity photographs of musicians that line the store’s walls, which will be preserved on a website called Manny’s Virtual Wall. And here's video of the visit.