2006_02_arts_mardigras.gifHappy Fat Tuesday! To help you celebrate it up here LIFEbeat Presents the Manhattan Mardi Gras. The proceeds will go to NO/AIDS Task Force. The New Orleans based AIDS service organization was virtually wiped out by hurricane Katrina. So even if we're in the Big Apple, we can help out the Big Easy.

"Who's performing?" you ask. Think 90's, think parachute pants, think "Behind the Music"...get it yet? M.C. Hammer! Dance music diva Barbara Tucker will be performing as well, seeing as we don't get out to dance clubs we don't know who she is, but...M.C. Hammer!

However, what's Fat Tuesday without some all out craziness...in addition to the partygoers decked out in beads and costumes (Mardi Gras beads and masks will be available for sale inside the club), there will also be go-go girls and boys, The Glamazons, Daisy Spurs, GrooveHoops, Naked Boys Singing, Billionaires for Bush and The Dazzle Dancers. Cable access queen Robin Byrd and adult film king Michael Lucas will be crowned Queen & King of Mardi Gras. Did we mention the Village People's Randy Jones will also be there?

Tonight // 10pm to 4am // The Roxy [515 W 18th Street at 10th Ave] // $20 - 25