Here's a problem no New Yorker will likely ever have again, or has ever had prior to this moment: late restauranteur Steven Greenberg's 60 imported palm trees have become too big for their Big Apple space. He brought them from Florida in 2006, and ever since they've been living atop 230 Fifth's rooftop bar every summer (in winters, they're brought back down to the Florida sun).

According to the dendrophilias at the NY Post, "these trees sure could use a hug." They added that now that the giants are too big for the space, they've been trying to give them away... but it seems no one wants $30,000 worth of palm trees in the city, even if they're free. So far the city's botanical gardens have all turned them down, and now they may need to turn to Craigslist. A rep for the bar says:

“It’s horrible. These are gorgeous trees. Some are now over eight feet tall. We were willing to ship them back to Florida for free. I called 30 different farms, but nobody wants them. We may have to put them up on Craiglist. If you are willing to take care of them, we will even deliver them. But you have to take care of them — and not just for a week or two.”

These trees have history people! Especially No. 15, who once spent the summer with the Marlboro Man.