The shower-in-the-kitchen thing is like the unicorn of bad NYC real estate. Occasionally you hear about them, but only a few people have actually seen them. Others have only seen them in movies—a well-placed design element for added comedic "Only In New York" effect. But they are real, they are out there, and the kind of authentic NYC experience they offer does not come cheap. In a listing on Padmapper, realtor Lorence Dippolito describes an apartment that's opened up at 27 Orchard Street:

Situated south of Delancey on Orchard... This old world style apt is better than your average studio! Although the shower is in the kitchen, YES it's in the kitchen, it has a separate room for your bed, so the kitchen/living area can easily accommodate a sofa and small table & chairs & more! Bedroom will not fit more than a bed.

A shower in your living room, too? You would really be living the urban legend here.

Dippoloito notes that the $1795/month rent may be negotiable. [h/t Dan Amira]