Caiman and Python

The things one sees in Central Park. Staten Island resident Victor Alexandria was strolling around the Heckesher Playground, but caught people's attention with his company: a three-foot caiman alligator on a leash, 6 foot Burmese python in a bag, and a cockatiel on his shouler. Naturally, a concerned citizen called the police, who approached Alexandria with animal control. Alexandria claimed he was just walking through the park with his wife and kids, but police suspect he intended use them as props, to sell picture opportunities with a snake or alligator. Animal Control field director Mike Pastore said, "It's definitely not a good idea to have a python and a caiman loose in Central Park." Alexandria got a summons, but the snake and caiman are at Animal Control in Brooklyn.

Gothamist wants to remind people that making your zoo portable is not only dangerous but it's also more likely that you'll be caught for having an illegal animal. Imagine if Antoine Yates walked his tiger around - that'd be chaos. Or what is Orlando Lopez trotted out his six monkeys - that'd be a lot of monkey crap flying around.