A man identified in court papers as W. A. Ilg has filed a lawsuit against Larry Flint's Hustler Club after a night of strippers and other stuff he can't remember left him with a $28,109.60 credit card charge. The incident may remind you of another lawsuit filed against the Hustler Club last year, when a Delaware man accused the club of unlawfully charging him more than $21,000 on two credit cards during just 90 minutes in the joint. In that case, the plaintiff claims he was so intoxicated he woke up the next day in Delaware after being driven home by a Hustler Club employee. But isn't that just the kind of personal touch one would expect for $21,000?

According to a copy of the lawsuit [pdf] obtained by the Daily News, the club "wrongfully served plaintiff excess alcoholic beverages such that plaintiff was no longer capable of conducting financial transactions. Thereafter, defendant wrongfully charged $28,109.60 to plaintiff's credit card, a sum far in excess of any reasonable costs for said alcoholic beverages." That's too much for beverages, maybe, but how can you quibble over dollars and cents when it comes to the artistry of a truly soulful lap dance?

The Hustler Club isn't alone in offering patrons this sort of luxury strip club experience; in 2005 a Missouri CEO and 38-year old father of three lost his job after blowing $241,000 on his American Express at Scores. And a year earlier, Tauhidul Chaudury, the husband of a Bangladeshi diplomat, sued Scores for charging him $129,626 in one night. For students of history, all these incidents hearken back to the infamously corrupt bar culture of 19th century NYC, when naive patrons were routinely drugged, robbed, stripped naked, and sometimes Shanghaied, regaining consciousness as virtual slaves aboard merchant ships. When you think about it, these guys got off easy.