via MollyEBrewer's Instagram

Sometimes men knit. And when they do we like to salute them. So take a bow you, anonymous man on the subway this morning, for your perfect posture as you knit... a scarf? Some socks? Mittens? Fingerless gloves so you can still feel my chilled fingers against yours as we walk home from a screening of Annie Hall at the Film Forum? Glad we decided against Love Story, we both cry so much at that one, especially around Christmas... that ice skating scene! Are you knitting me a handkerchief? Because now I'm crying again.

Maybe you're knitting a blanket that we will cuddle under throughout the remaining cold winter months? Is it a new dishtowel for those messes we make when we're cooking ourselves one of our favorite dishes? Remember that time the flour just went EVERYWHERE? We were so cute, trying to clean it all up before our new kitten got into it.

That's weird though that you are knitting something in green, you know I hate that color. You know it reminds me of my ex-best friend who I caught drunkenly hitting on you that time at... oh god. Is this for HER? Is that where you've been going every Monday night? The night we used to love to watch those made-for-television holiday movies together? [MollyEBrewer via Reddit]