This sign has been spotted around town for weeks now, and we can't stand by and see poor Joe lose hope in finding his Sofia any longer. A tipster sent in the above photo, which he took last night as Joe himself taped it up at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center stop during rush hour. The note definitely sits on a fine line, teetering between "spine chilling" and "heart warming." On the one side we glimpse a dark and desperate world that may read "delusional" or "creepy" to some, but on the other it's like we're just one swan-filled lake canoe ride away from The Notebook 2.

Call us hopeless romantics, but we're gonna go with the latter, because it's probably just the handwriting and highlighter use that gives the letter a "serial killer" vibe anyway. Strip that away, and here are the words in black and white:

Sofia. This is Joe. The good looking Italian you met on the D train at Coney Island July 4th: U and I had strong chemistry in the few minutes we talked. I asked u out and u said take my number and call me. You were with ur friend: U were about 30, Spanish, long real brown hair, 125-130 lbs, real pretty. I asked u 2 things when I asked u out, that only u will know. I know u remember me!! There is no way I can give up on finding u just yet. I've been single for a year and I've been praying to meet someone like u and God hands me a gift of beauty and I lose ur number in my phone!! I hope u or a friend of yours sees this and helps bring us together. I hope we will meet again soon Sofia!!! Joe 347-816-3984.

We're really pulling for Joe on this, but there's just one problem: the number is currently out of service. SOFIA IF YOU'RE READING THIS EMAIL TIPS(AT)GOTHAMIST(DOT)COM!