In an aircraft apparently co-piloted by one Rev. Shaw Moore, a college student dared to test the limits of free speech by wearing a T-shirt with the words: Broad Fucking City.

College student and pure rebel Daniel Podolsky obtained the T-shirt at SXSW from Comedy Central, and was en route from Dallas to Chicago on a Southwest flight when his plane got diverted to St. Louis because of weather. Or the wrath of God. WGN TV reports on his pearly gates moment:

"When the plane was rerouted and landed in St. Louis he got off the plane to use the restroom. When he tried to re-board, the gate agent stopped him and refused to let him board."

Podolsky got away with this in Texas because, he says, his jacket was covering the shirt. He removed the jacket during flight, however. While he claims he was willing to put his jacket back, the video tells a different story:

Worker: ”Can you change the shirt?”

Podolsky: ”Nope.”

Worker: “Can you put the jacket on and leave it on through the flight? Can you put the shirt on inside out?”

Podolsky: “Nope.”

Worker: “Is there anything you can do not to display the shirt because at this point we can’t allow you to go.”

Podolsky: “I have freedom of speech.”

Worker: “I know you do...”

Podolsky: “Really it’s not bothering anyone.”

Worker: “I can show you in our contract of carriage that you can’t wear any shirts that say offensive...”

Podolsky: “Can we take a poll?”

Southwest Airlines issued a statement saying they "rely on our Employees and Customers to use common sense and good judgment." But WGN TV reports that Podolsky finally agreed to remove the shirt and boarded a later flight to his final destination of New York Fucking City. Welcome home, Podolsky.