Floyd Hayes—possibly taking a cue from the guy who has been selling NYC garbage for over a decade—is selling bits and pieces of Brooklyn, the borough that you're most likely to make money off of right now. For your 4 bucks you'll get a "small piece of stone that I pick up off the streets of Brooklyn" in a plastic case stamped: Piece of Brooklyn. That's right, potential customer: tiny pieces of rocks from New York's TRENDIEST BOROUGH are just $4! That's Staten Island pricing!

PSFK declared the project—currently housed on Etsy—to be downright "quirky"! Okay.

Hayes, who moved here from the UK about ten years, says his pieces give anyone a chance to "own their very own piece of the coolest neighborhood in the world." But like, why do we always have to claim ownership on things, man? Can't we just let Brooklyn be? At least the entrepreneur is donating $1 from every sale to the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Want to sell your own Brooklyn junk to suckers? Here's a visual guide on how this works: