One Upper West Side man had the courage to do what every New Yorker diverted from his or her normal walk home by a film crew has wanted to do, and headbutted a production assistant working on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt flim Premium Rush (which has already taken its toll on the young actor).

Breffny Flynn, 43, was told he had to wait a few minutes to cross the street at Broadway and West 102nd Street yesterday morning because they were filming a fast-paced action scene. Flynn lost his temper. Witnesses said he yelled, “I live here! I pay taxes!...Don’t tell me what to do, motherf- -ker!" before leaning back and headbutting PA Steve Lafferty in the face. Flynn was arrested for assault, and Lafferty was taken to St. Luke's hospital. One crew member said, "It looked like his nose was broken, and his eyes were puffy." However, Flynn's wife said the PA pushed her husband first, and even if he hadn't Flynn's rage was totally justified.

Local Elisa Sansone said, “I certainly understand that frustration. People in New York are so directive that when something intervenes, it freaks them out. And look at these [production assistants]—they have a power complex. It’s intrusive." Film and TV production was at a record high last year because of Bloomberg's tax credit for film companies using New York as a backdrop. Hopefully someone got the action on camera, so they can make a sideproject: New Yorkers Headbutting People in Their Way: The Movie.