In a plot line ripped straight from 30 Rock, a man has admitted to pretending to be Tracy Morgan's son for years, using it to get close to celebrities and be the center of attention at clubs. But at least this time, it seems no one started a Tracy Jordan Institute for Black Karate.

Earlier this week, the Post reported on Lou Morgan, aka Louyi Ferrin, who vaguely resembles Morgan if you squint enough. He was spotted partying at Tribeca club Haus last week, where he was allegedly overheard telling the DJs to give a "shout out to his dad, Tracy Morgan, for his recovery and the return of him hosting" before dropping "$50,000 on bottles."

Mi papa con Shaggy

Posted by Lou Morgan on Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ferrin also had several Facebook posts with photos of Morgan, referring to him as his dad. He also got the 30 Rock haircut you can see above.

Happy Fathers day to the worlds coolest Dad

Posted by Lou Morgan on Saturday, June 16, 2012

With the real Tracy Morgan returning to the public, after spending the last year recuperating from his injuries from his limo crash, his rep quickly noted, “Tracy does not have a son named Lou...It is just someone making stuff up. No one on our side knows this guy."

One friend told the Post that Ferrin lied to everyone about it: "We texted him for SNL and everything...He would talk about 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin. He must have done a lot of research on Tracy...He wholeheartedly believed he is Tracy Morgan’s son."

Things snowballed from there, and Ferrin admitted to the deceit on Facebook, which he claims was a joke that got out of hand:

I didn't do this for fame, I didn't do this for money, I simply went with the flow of someone else's idea. If you know me or spent any time with me you know that I spent most of my time working and giving back as much as possible. Ask how many people I have helped out through out the years, the truth was gonna come out one day or another I am glad I got this mountain of my shoulders, if you know me and feel some type of way about this you're intittled to your feelings,if you now know the truth and we cool hit me up.NOW WHO GOT QUESTIONS?????

I never have I partied with any promoter or been walked in to a club by a promoter, never have walked to up to a club with the purpose of hanging with any celebrities, when I did came incontact with any celebrities I tried to connect them wth whatever clothing brand I was working for at the moment, I am still a designer and Stylist ask how much free work I done in these streets, the only thing I ever been cocky about was my photography and to end the arguments and the headaches I gave up the profession. I would like to say directly to Kelly Hennigan "porn star" : Mellanie Monroe curator of all this that I would like my camera back

In case you're not familiar with 30 Rock, in the season three episode "Mamma Mia," Morgan's character Tracy Jordan introduces the cast to his (fake) illegitimate son Donald, who happens to be two years older than him. Donald later returned in the season five episode "Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish" after his dojo business failed, with a new plan to open a theme restaurant in Times Square (...called "Staples"). So if someone decides to open a micro brewery that also serves frozen yogurt and calls it "Microsoft," then we probably can guess who is responsible.