Last night, Gothamist headed over to McCarren Pool in Greenpoint to watch Noémie Lafrance's Agora. Lafrance, a site-specific choreographer, and her team of more than 30 dancers transformed the pool, which was closed since 1983, into a giant 50,000 square foot stage. While she does make beautiful use of the space, we think it could have been much better in a space maybe half the size. That said, it's worthy of checking out, if not only to see the inside McCarren pool.

If you are going, you have two ticket options, floating/regular ($20) or anchored/priority ($35) with $5 added to the cost if you buy at the door. The floating ticket doesn't give you a seat where the priority ticket puts you in one place for the one hour show. For our money, we were happy with the floating ticket as it allows you to walk around most of the pool. Those in the anchored seats have the benefit of being centered along the pool, but with such a huge space, it's impossible to see everything no matter where you are.

Agora, originally scheduled to end September 24th, extended its run until October 1st.

For more pictures from Agora, check out Tien's site and Jake's site. Also, see Forgotten NY's page on McCarren Pool.

Photo by Tien Mao