2007_03_benetint.jpgThis might be the nuttiest re-purposing of one beauty product since the use of Preparation H on puffy eyes. There's a scary New York Magazine Intelligencer piece on how Benefit's Benetint is being marketed as a nipple tint. Yes, a "kiss-proof and water-resistant" nipple tint, apparently what every woman wants. While Benetint says the product was originally meant for lips and cheeks giving women a "sexy flush," it seems that nipples need make-up, too. No word on whether you need to apply lip liner before or lip gloss after.

Benefit's spokeswoman the history of "ripe, rosy" nipples being standards of beauty even encourages that undercover nipples get Benetint. We're not going to argue with the pros of ripe, rosy nipples, especially if you're at the beach, but the real question is: How gross are your bras going to be after you wear it?

Benetint is available at Sephora. And NOW's Sonia Ossorio tells New York, “While women are spending their energy, time, and money getting their areolas just the right shade of pink, the Supreme Court is getting more conservative and closer to taking away our long-fought right to reproductive choice.” Snap! But is it wrong to wonder if Frank Bruni can be sent on another trip to Robert's Steakhouse to find out what real strippers use to make their nipples look good? He had such a good rapport with them.