2007_04_arts_mmny.pngVenues may be closing on nearly every block of the city, but this summer the Make Music New York event will turn a lot of nooks and crannies into performance spaces. Organizers will find anyone interested a place to play music, or musicians to play at your place. Even permits for any sidewalk performances will be provided.

On the first day of summer, June 21st, "public spaces in all five boroughs will become informal musical stages for all New Yorkers, amateurs and professionals, to perform for friends, neighbors, and passers-by, turning the city into a festival of live music making." Since everyone is accepted, this could lead to some unfortunate "music making," best be sure to keep your iPod on you at all times lest you turn a corner to find someone trying out their French horn skills.

The full program (so far) is here, and you have until May 1st to sign up if you'd like to be involved on any level.