Advertising Age asked some designers how they would give the Old Gray Lady a facelift and change the New York Times broadsheet, and the answers are practical, hilarious, and just wacky. The most common suggestion is to make the paper more compact and tabloid size for portability (gasp) to putting more gossipy stories in between hard news on the front page (GASP), to having a co-branded "Times Cafe" with a coffee house to hiring new photographers. Oh, and eliminating the paper all together. Gothamist agrees that making the Times easier to fold (we never got the "how to fold the NY Times" curriculum in our school) would be at the top of our list, especially given all the different sections on a weekday, but we actually like how it's sort of dated and serif-y... in fact, the NY Times' stubbornness to not change that much (remember when color photographs started to appear?) and be the Paper of Record on high reminds us who is boss when it comes to newspaper coverage in this town. If making the type face rounder is a solution, then everyone should throw in the towel.

How would you redesign the New York Times broadsheet? Or is it good as is?