Is your brain frazzled from staring at the computer screen all day? Want to save the Post Office? Looking for a bit of old-fashioned correspondance... with a famous person? The lit-lovers over at The Rumpus have just launched a great way to do all three, with a new project they've dubbed, appropriately, Letters in the Mail.

For five dollars a month, readers can sign up for a weekly letter from a notable author like Dave Eggers, Marc Maron, Jonathan Ames, Tao Lin, Margaret Cho and others. "Think of it as the letters you used to get from your creative friends, before this whole internet/email thing," writes Rumpus editor Stephen Elliott. “I got this urge to get back to sending paper letters, and I also knew a lot of authors who I knew would be really excited about it,” he told Today about the project, which he came up with just last week. Less than a week after announcing it, over 600 people had signed up.

“If the author includes a return address you should feel free to write them a letter back,” Elliott explains, though your penpal relationship with the literati cannot be guaranteed. One author you do have a chance at making it last with is Friend of Gothamist Ames, who told Today, “I used to write letters all the time. I would wait for the mailman to come back and bring me the responses from my friends. I loved getting air mail envelopes... Maybe this nostalgic letter writing thing will, you know, help us remember how beautiful the post office can be.”