First, a little open letter to Bret Michaels: You are cordially invited to come perform one of the below songs for us at Gothamist House while you are in New York. Now, secondly, and lastly: did anyone tell you that Poison, Motley Crue, and the New York Dolls are playing a show together? A bonafide rock concert, in fact. No one told us until today, and now we pass this information along to you. From the press release for the July show at Nassau Coliseum:

No worries about who's driving home, when the last train leaves, or figuring out where to get that shuttle bus to the Hempstead Turnpike Motel 6. Let Rocks Off plan your party for you! One stop shopping gets you a ticket to the show plus a sweet ride to and from the gig. The trip will cost $99.99 TOTAL which covers EVERYTHING—tickets to the show AND round trip transportation on our luxury coach bus.

There are two pick-up and drop-off points: Manhattan and Williamsburg, depending on if you are going sincerely or ironically.