Magda Sayeg founded KnittaPlease in August 2005 in part due to so many unfinished knitting projects. Soon a "tag crew of knitters" was out bombing cities with colorful knits. Soon she'll be brightening up Montague Street in Brooklyn, so even though she's not living in New York, you can still benefit from her and her crews knitting powers.

How often do you create a public knitting piece? As often as possible! Now that KnittaPlease is my full time job, I am working almost constantly on projects.

How do you decide where to place them? It depends on the city. New York was easy, because it is filled with significant landmarks. Sometimes, I tag a site with high visibility. Sometimes, the object I wrap has some relevance to the country or city I am in. It is always the contrast of hard and soft materials. I like to stay connected to street culture, and what it inspires. One of my favorite pieces was a knitted pair of kicks I threw over a power line, (deadman shoes).

I tagged the pedestal of an organ grinder in Mexico City. The musician was in his 50's and was thrilled-it was sweet. I find myself attracted to the tiniest details that would otherwise be overlooked: an abandoned bike lock, or a small water pipe at the base of a tall building.

Recently you were in New York, what did you adorn while here? I have been to NY several times and have left many tags. I have covered a park bench in Central Park, a "No Parking" sign in Times Square, an old non working phone booth, the "Welcome to Manhattan" sign just over the Williamsburg bridge, to name a few.

Is there somewhere in New York you would love to tag? There are several dreamy projects I have thought about. I would love to tag a subway car.

What is the overall goal with the project? To work as much possible and encourage others to create and participate. I love it when another artist's work inspires me to rethink my surroundings, my job, my life. I think the "69 Meters" Project will allow me to go farther than I have ever gone with multiple tagging. I like wrapping numerous repetitive objects in the urban landscape. So, to have this opportunity feels extremely good.

How can people become involved in it? They can contact me through my website. I have information on how to volunteer. There is a pattern for the parking meter cozy as well as information for people who may be interested in helping the night of the installation. I will also post it on my Facebook group, Knittaplease.

Do you have a soundtrack to knit to (what bands are you currently listening to)? My music ranges from Qtip to Johnny Cash... and when I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll put on my dad's old copies of Joe Dassin. Actually, it is television I get into when knitting. I'm a Turner Classic Movie fan, big time. I love Sunday's Silent Movie Night. I geek out on Twilight Zone. When I want to return to this century, my new favorite obsession is Breaking Bad.