What's an aging pop star to do when banished from her Wiltshire estate? Madonna has purchased a new place on the Upper East Side, as we know, and has now ordered the architects to replicate her Ashcombe country home feel room by room. Since she thinks it's bad karma to snag any of the possessions from her House of Divorce, she is having her people find replicas around New York instead, because that's what people with money choose to do with it. She's come a long way from her 234 East Fourth Street digs—originally “the architects were under the impression she wanted the place modernised. But Madonna said if she wanted some hipster apartment she never would have bought this place on the staid Upper East Side."The Mirror also notes that her Madgesty has been talking to friends about bringing some chickens in to the new abode, to make her kids feel more at home, of course. [via Curbed]