Madonna and Enid Blyton:  Children's book writing brethren

The Sun has a hilarious comparison of Madonna, provacateur (or is that provacateuse?) who is adding "children's book author" to her repertoire, and Enid Blyton, beloved British author of countless children's books:

Madonna's The English Roses: Four politically correct girls with ordinary human failings find spiritual enlightenment and vow to become better people.
An Enid Blyton book (like a Famous Five): Middle-class white youngsters sneak off for a few days of good clean high-jinks.

Gothamist's favorite (or, in the spirit of this post, favourite), Enid Blyton books were The Famous Five series, which basically encouraged five kids, ages 8-13, to live on an island away from their parents for extended periods of time and tangle with bad guys and solving crimes. That's pretty much what Gothamist is doing in Manhattan these days, as long as you replace "bad guys" with "annoying idiots," and "solving crimes" with "blogging."