Madonna signed copies of her book, The English Roses, at Barnes & Noble at Rockefeller Center yesterday for 250 people who won a special lottery. Many devoted fans who weren't able to enter the store stood outside, as Madonna told reporters how the book's message was about "how destructive feelings of envy and jealousy are. And everybody feels it."

And at this point in Western Civilization, the only captive audience member for Madonna is 18 month old tot, Jeremy Zorek (pictured), but it turns out Jeremy is a regular on the celebrity paparazzi circuit. The Times reveals that Jeremy already has many pictures with celebrities, including, " Puff Daddy, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the stars of 'Law and Order.'" LAW & ORDER? This 18 month year-old has posed with the stars of L&O, not appreciating the presence of Jerry Orbach, while Gothamist hasn't? We need to read about dealing with jealousy and envy right now.