Madonna is the Super Bowl halftime performer and, at a press conference yesterday, she said she was thrilled to perform, "This is a Midwesterner girls dream to be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show."

Of course, Madonna had to hype herself—"In over 25 years of performing that I've done, I have never worked so hard or been so scrupulous or detail-orientated or freaked out as much as I have had maintaining my sanity and trying to make the most major show at this Super Bowl"—and doesn't know whether A-Rod really has a centaur painting of himself. But she did admit she was inspired by Victor Cruz's salsa moves on the field:

The Material Girl (and former high school cheerleader) said she would sing three old songs and her new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'", which features Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Of course, the Twitterverse is upset that Nicki's verse is only 12 seconds and M.I.A. only get 9 seconds. Still pissing people off means she's still relevant, right?

And let's talk about the other star of the half time show: Madonna's insane arms (see this slideshow). CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, who is no fan of Madonna's biceps, Tweeted today, "I don't think the Patriots have a chance against this gigantic hideously over-muscled NY monster on Sunday:"

A few years ago, commenting about when Madonna's arms were more veiny, Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, told ABC News, "When muscles look that way, it's often the result of pretty restrictive eating and dehydration... With bodybuilders, the goal is to be sinewy, to make everything stand out. How do you get to that goal? You restrict your fluid intake. But then you might collapse on stage." So tune in!