The insanely contentious wrangling between James Gandolfini and HBO over his salary may be coming to the a close: Bill Carter of the Times reports that both sides will probably drop their suits. This whole mess is like watching two babies fight. Yes, they are talented babies, and, yes, there are serious financial implications for both parties, but come on. That they are describing the negotiations as being like war is lame: "Executives on both sides even described the showdown in terms straight from the Cuban missile crisis. 'It's October 1962, and this is realpolitick,' one representative of Mr. Gandolfini said. An executive on HBO's side said, 'This can't be solved by us saying we'll take our missiles out of Turkey as soon as you give in.'" Everyone is getting all Art of War and self-important. I say leave war to the war mongerers.

It's doubtful James Gandolfini is making friends with his fellow cast and crew, even though he is the heart of the show, by threatening to pull out - his actions jeopardize many people's livelihoods. But he does have a history of acrimnonious legal battles, witness his divorce proceedings, which involved so much muck-raking that his past drug abuse was revealed.

Maybe he needs the extra money for the mortgage: James Gandolfini lives on Jane Street, in the same building as J.Lo

But whatever the case may be, I think we can expect another season of The Sopranos.