Original photo by Steve Kelley

When we reported in February that Macy's would be bringing the fireworks to the Hudson River again, screwing over much of New York, they told us that (despite having created and posted an entire graphic stating they would be on the Hudson River again) that nothing, in fact, had been confirmed yet. This gave false hope to those with an East River view, but today they ripped that hope away, announcing they'd be back on the Hudson this year. A Macy's spokesman released this statement:

"This year, Macy's Fireworks will take place on the Hudson River with barges positioned between 18th and 48th Streets providing 2 miles of public viewing space. While the show will be on the Hudson River this year, Macy's Fireworks will continue to take place in and around all of New York City's waterways, and will not be a permanent fixture in any one location. Exclusively limiting the show to any particular area would greatly hinder the creative freedom that has made it the nation's best and largest Independence Day display."

We look forward to a future highly explosive 4th of July display on the Gowanus Canal. Until then, plan on heading to your friend's place in New Jersey if you want to catch them this year. Or you can join the good fight—there was a protest in Brooklyn Bridge Park earlier today, where we heard murmurs of rigging a giant middle finger firework to go up simultaneously with the smiley face explosions this year. Question: How good are you at handling explosives?