We've seen this coming since 2009, but it's official: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell will marry. The couple—spotted at the Met earlier this week—have been together for four years, and just got engaged. The 51-year-old Shevell's term on the MTA Board will end in June, and we're guessing she won't return.

A source told People it's really happening, there's "a ring and all." (Will the knighted Beatles' big day rival the Royal Wedding?) This is the 68-year-old McCartney's third marriage, and in 2008 he declared: "I just like being in love." Awwww.

Though one skeptic Tweeted, "Paul McCartney to wed MTA Board Member Nancy Shevell. But don't worry, he'll divorce her after he waits 40 minutes for the G Train."